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Increase your financial wellbeing and reduce money stress with no gimmicks, no sales pitches and no pressure.

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Financial Advice Made Easy

At Fearless Finance, we understand that planning for your future can feel overwhelming or intimidating. Our client-centered approach
makes financial planning more convenient, more affordable, and more friendly!

Pay as-you-go with Hourly Rates and No Hidden Fees

We charge by the hour ONLY.  If you go over, don’t worry, we will charge to the quarter hour.

Get a Comprehensive Financial Plan or Answers to Specific Questions

You may want a full plan, or maybe you just have a few financial life questions. We provide financial advice to meet you where you are, right now.

Work with a Registered Financial Planner who Specializes in your Area of Need

Planners are both generalists, but may have specialties. Interested in socially screened investments or talking about student loans, no problem.

Work with us in a Way that Suits you and Only Pay for Services you Use

Looking for a comprehensive financial plan or just want a quick review to make sure you’re okay? Do you have a specific question? Do you work better with a small community of like-minded people? Take a look at our services and see what fits your needs.

Avoid the Headache of Commission-based Brokers

No need to be nervous you’re going to get scammed or sold something you don’t need. We don’t sell anything, nor do we take commissions.

Take Advantage of our Online Platform to Track your Spending and More

Our financial planning approach is complemented by the Fearless Finance platform and app, making it easy to share your data with your planner and also setting you up for success when tracking your spending.

Working with Us

Imagine knowing you’re saving enough for your goals, retirement and college. And then, imagine you always have someone to turn to when you have a financial question, who has only your best interests in mind.

A Complete Financial Plan with
an advisor you can trust.

A full financial plan – not just investments – at an affordable price. Don’t worry about that your financial challenges are too small or that you’re not “big” enough for an adviser to care about you. We meet you wherever you are on your financial journey. No question is too small, no challenge is too big. With Fearless Complete you get:

  • A human financial planner to understand your financial habits and fears.
  • A plan with steps to save, achieve goals, and contribute to retirement.
  • Guidance on estate planning, insurance and a complete investment strategy.
  • A simple roadmap with your specific “to-do’s” that you prioritized.
  • Full digital intake on our platform and spending tracking app. 
  • Access to your planner by email for free for simple questions.

We Know the Numbers


We’re not here to judge or fear-monger; we’re here to help. Our knowledgeable and empathetic financial advisors provide invaluable guidance. Feel seen wherever you are on your financial journey.







What works for you?

Online Intake

Our data intake includes looking at your last 30 days of transactions, getting your estimates for your monthly spending and understanding your balances in your debt and savings accounts along with other basic questions. You can do all of this on your own time through our platform for $90 and your Planner will see the data you’ve provided, analyze it and be ready for your first meeting. Online intake typically reduces the total amount of initial plan hours by 0.5-1 hour.

In Person Intake
Not interested in loading your data or inputting your information, no problem. You can work with your Planner for in-person intake. Your Planner will gather the data needed for the initial planning analysis by meeting with you virtually. You provide your last 30 days of transactions in CSV format, and we meet to ask about estimates for spending, balances in your accounts and basic info. Typically, in person intake takes 30-60 minutes of meeting time with your Planner for the initial plan.
Special Topic
Do you have a specific financial goal or topic you need advice on? Maybe you’re trying to optimize paying back student loans or figuring out if you qualify for loan forgiveness. Maybe you inherited some money and you want to know how to best invest it? Maybe you want a portfolio check up? No problem, we can work with you on your Special Topic and hold off on a full plan.

How Fearless Finance Works

Getting meaningful financial advice has never been easier and we’ll walk you through each step of the process.

Get in Touch

Fill out our form and schedule your free intro call to see if it’s a good fit.

Schedule Your First Meeting

Your planner will send you all the details you need to get started.

Choose Your Intake Option

You can do intake online or with your planner. Whatever works for you!

Start Getting Advice

Pay as-you-go with no retainer or hidden fees.

There’s An App for That

Why Choose Fearless Finance?

Know you’re building a strong financial foundation
Everyone wants to know they’re doing everything they can to improve their financial wellbeing. Data is available everywhere now, but you want confirmation that you’re using the data correctly, know where the pitfalls and risks are, and are not forgetting anything. That’s where we come in.
Work with advisors who don’t take commissions or sell products
Work with a fiduciary who always has your best interests in mind. Someone who does not make any money off the choices you make or the products you use. You get our best advice all the time, without having to worry about how we might benefit from the advice we give.
Pay for the advice you need when you need it
No retainers, or minimums. Pay when you need advice. No more and no less. Nobody wants to feel they are paying for services they never receive. That can’t happen with Fearless Finance because you pay when you meet with us and that’s it.

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