The App and Platform

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Track your spending on the mobile app and online platform we developed to make sure you stay on your plan. You track only your Flexible Spending and Groceries on a monthly basis and your large annual expenses like vacations and camp. Track only the expenses that can change each month (“Take-Out” – we’re talking to you!). No entering data or tracking line items. Simply watch your progress bar through the month and make sure you are on target. No more budgets!!

Using the App

When you’re ready to start using your mobile tracking app, do this:

  1. Download the app from your app store (search Fearless Finance)
  2. Sign in with the same username and password for If you already met with a planner, your targets will be preloaded.
  3. If you didn’t start at and meet with a planner, then make a username and password and set your targets.
  4. Set just Flex Dollars Misc. and Groceries and Annual Needs to start. If you want to track a specific category you can add your target amount here, too. 
  5. If you want to track another category, click the “+” button at bottom right on your home screen and toggle the button for the category you want to track
  6. If you want Fearless Finance to scrape your accounts and download and auto-categorize your transactions (recommended), go to the three horizontal lines on the upper left >>Financial Accounts>>Link New Account button.
  7. You will be brought to our bank security software, Plaid, and they will interact with your bank. Click “continue” and find your bank. Go through the screens to connect.
  8. Only connect your checking and credit card accounts. No need to connect savings or loans.

Things to know

  1. Our app tracks the areas where you tend to overspend. The blue bar tracks Full Discretionary spending. Basically it’s all the fun stuff (here’s a list) and the green bar tracks Groceries. Make sure you finish the month at the end of your bar (or less), to stay on your plan.
  2. What does the progress bar do?  Fearless Finance uses a progress bar to show you visually (exact numbers below) how much you’ve spent in that category in the current calendar month. 
  3. How do I delete or edit a transaction? Click the down arrow under the progress bar to find the transaction you want to delete or edit. Click the “dollar” icon on the left and click the radio button of the correct category. Click save.
  4. What if I return a purchase? If you return a purchase, your checking account or credit card will be credited with the amount of the return. Once the return credit hits your checking account or credit card, Fearless Finance will see you have a credit and reduce your progress bar by that amount.
  5. Can I download my transactions? Yes, you have to download them from the online platform. Go back to and click Expense Tracking >> Transactions.

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