Corporate Financial Wellbeing for your Employees

Live Virtual Seminars

Your employees get the information they need to think about their financial wellbeing and improve it. We start with a Foundations of Financial Wellbeing seminar that discusses all the basics including emergency savings, saving for retirement, good and bad debt, account organization and why it all matters to your overall financial wellbeing.

We then offer additional custom seminars such as “how to optimally use your employer sponsored benefits,” “how to manage student loan debt,” “how to save for a property down payment,” “how to merge your finances with your partner,” and more listed here. We can also develop custom seminars just for you based on what your employees are interested in.

Seminars are a good fit if:

  • You have more than 50 employees
  • You want to start the financial wellness conversation with employees

Bundles of Financial Planning Hours

Your employees get employer-paid time with a registered financial planner. Employers buy a bundle of 10 hours to be used by eligible employees. Employee eligibility is determined by the employer. No subscriptions, no recurring costs. Once the Bundle is used up, buy another one. Employees who participated in seminars and had questions related to their personal circumstances can now work with a planner to put a plan in place to reach their goals. Bundles can be offered as benefits to specific groups of employees (e.g. the sales team), as bonuses, part of onboarding or generally to all employees.

Bundles of hours are good fit if:

  • You’ve already bought the seminars and employees want more support
  • Your employee population is in a complicated phase of life (e.g. having children, buying a home, sending children to college, preparing for retirement
  • You award equity or large bonuses and you want to help make sure employees understand how to optimize these benefits

Group Financial Planning Course

Accessible fiduciary financial advice in live online classes for your employees. Our Registered Financial Planners take participants through our planning process in a collaborative group setting. Your employees will understand how to develop a strong financial foundation, how to troubleshoot their finances and how to make a plan to achieve their financial goals. Critically, they will also have less stress, which could increase productivity, and reduce turnover. We want your employees to approach their lives and work from a place of abundance, not scarcity.

Small group planning is a good fit if…

  • You want to go beyond mandated 401k reviews and improve employee financial wellbeing.
  • You know that reducing financial stress is linked to improved productivity.
  • You value employee retention and want to offer unique competitive benefits.
  • You’re sick of insurance and investment salespeople selling products and not actually improving your employees’ finances.

Financial Wellbeing Platform Solution

We offer a platform based financial fundamentals solution through our Fearless Finance platform. Your employees get the Foundations of Financial Wellbeing seminar, the seminar recording, and our link integrated into your employee benefits site. Employees can access our platform, enter 4 screens of information and run our algorithm that provides recommendations on the basics of financial wellbeing such as how much the employee should save each month, how to build emergency funds, how much to contribute to the employer sponsored retirement plan, and how much to pay monthly towards reducing credit card debt. Employees can run the algorithm as many times with as many scenarios as they like. The employer pays only once per employee.

Financial Wellbeing Platform is a good fit if:

  • You have over 5000 employees
  • You have a tech savvy employee population
  • Your employee population is young with less complicated financial lives

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