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At Fearless Finance, we understand that planning for your future can feel overwhelming or intimidating. Our client-centered approach
makes financial planning more convenient, more affordable, and more friendly!

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Why Choose Fearless Finance

Know you’re building a strong financial foundation
We want you to help you reduce your financial stress and approach your financial goals from a position of “yes I can.” We will help you put together a comprehensive plan or just show you how you can improve your current financial situation or achieve a specific goal like saving for a down payment on a property. We do all this with your best interest in mind. You don’t have to worry about being sold products, or being “too small” for us. We don’t have minimums, and we don’t want to manage your savings. We just want to increase your financial peace of mind and help you achieve your financial goals. We meet you where you are. No judgment, no shame, no commitment
Work with Advisors who don’t take commissions or sell products
Finding a financial advisor you trust can be difficult. Many will only work with clients who have large amounts of assets for them to manage (usually with high fees that erode your gains long-term). Or, they might be selling you products that aren’t a good fit for you, just to earn a quick commission. We don’t want our clients to ever doubt that we’re recommending products and investments that we feel are the best choice for them, so we take the financial incentive out of those recommendations. We don’t earn commissions, manage assets, or sell you any products.
Pay for the advice you need, when you need it
You pay for other services by the hour, so why not financial planning? You only pay us when you need financial guidance. You meet with your specific planner face-to-face in video meetings, so they know you and your financial goals. Don’t need a meeting? You aren’t paying anything in between. Only pay for the advice you need, when you need it – no retainers here!