Giving Thanks, Even for Your Finances… Yes, It’s Possible

It’s almost Thanksgiving and hopefully, we reflect throughout the year on the things that we are grateful for, but in the spirit of the holiday, I want you to think about what you are thankful for when it comes to your finances.

Yes, there are things for which you are grateful. In fact, I bet you can find at least 3 things and I will help you. When things get difficult or stressful with your finances through the year, try to remember you are grateful for a few financial positives. It may help.

I will start you out with my top 10 financial things to be thankful for. I know you probably do not have all of them and that’s not what this is about. If you have ONE item, you are doing better than a lot of people out there and you should be thankful. You may have others to add. Please send me yours if you want. I’d love to hear about them.

  1. You are saving something on a regular basis (monthly or annually) whether it’s $100/month or your tax refund or anything at all as long as it is consistent.
  2. You are contributing at least up to matching amount in your retirement plan at work.
  3. You refinanced and have a great mortgage rate or got rid of PMI or just have a great rate on your current mortgage.
  4. You’ve been discussing finances with your spouse/partner more or asking more questions.
  5. You have less revolving credit card debt this year than last.
  6. You have a plan in place to pay your credit card debt down or pay more than the minimums on your credit card debt.
  7. You have a small Rainy Day Fund for annoyances like car repairs so you do not have to charge them.
  8. You reduced your cable bill or some other expense and you are probably not missing it anyway…
  9. You are monitoring your full discretionary spending and maybe even your groceries spending each month.
  10. At the risk of being immodest, you are reading this blog, which means you care about your finances and that’s the first step.

There are lots of other things to be financially thankful for, like a raise, an increase in business, or a regular check. I bet you can think of at least 3.

Studies have proven that when we are thankful, we are happier. If we see progress, we feel less stress and are more apt to continue working at a goal.

And, since I’m in a business that adults react to the way my 7 year old reacts to the dentist, I figured it was time to get people seeing some of positives instead of cringing at the thought of financial planning. If you’re doing any of the above, you ARE doing financial planning!