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Fearless finance checks all of the boxes for ethical financial planning practices. This is a fee only financial planning firm which means they don’t try to sell you anything and they’re not after a commision. They really are just here to help you make the best possible choices.
— Sarah and Meagan
Hosts of The Mom Hour

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Why We’re Different and About Our Process

  • A fiduciary (human!) financial planner to understand your financial habits, goals, and fears.
  • A full Financial Plan with step-by-step advice on how much to save, how to achieve your financial goals, and guidance on estate planning, insurance and investments.
  • $260/hour for your initial plan, typically 2-4 hours over 2-3 meetings
  • Once you have a plan, annual check-ins and meetings to update your plan for a life change are $220/hour
  • No long-term commitment; you can terminate at any time.

Who are our clients?

Imagine knowing you’re saving enough for your goals, retirement and college. And then, imagine you always have someone to turn to when you have a financial question, who has only your best interests in mind.

She’s 31 and single. She rents her apartment, but is hoping to buy a property in the next few years. She has some student loans. Sarah probably needs 2 hours for her Initial Plan.

They’re in their mid-thirties, married, and have a toddler with one on the way. Tyler’s not that happy with his job and wants a change. Olivia and Tyler probably need 3-4 hours.

Rob and Susan are in their early fifties. Two children, both in college. They want to retire in their early sixties if they can. Rob and Susan probably need 4 hours.