Most People Overspend on Groceries: 3 Best Apps to Stop the Madness!

Today I want to focus on apps to help you be organized and stay on budget at the grocery store. If you read my previous post on food spending, you saw that I believe one of the best ways to get your grocery bill under control is by isolating the problem from the rest of your monthly spending and monitoring it specifically.

Today I’m going to show you my top 3 apps for

  1. Isolating your food spending
  2. keeping track of food spending
  3. Always taking a list

Sorry, I can’t help much with the kids, but as I said in my “spend, spend, spend…” post, it’s worth getting a sitter, so you can go to the grocery store alone. I guarantee you will save money just by implementing that one rule.

Back to the apps. Here are my top 3 favorite apps for not spending too much on groceries and why.

  1. Fearless Finance App – Free – Our app tracks just a few areas that are prone to overspending, specifically including Grocery spending. It is often people’s 3rd largest expense after housing and transportation, so we want to make sure it fits into your budget! It’s available for iPhone and Android and is free to link up to 3 accounts (like your checking and 2 credit cards).
  2. Pocketguard– Free – This app is excellent at keeping you on a budget! It clearly shows how much you have let in your budgeted categories at a simple glance. It’s easy to check the balance left in your grocery budget before you start shopping so you know exactly how much you have to spend.
  3. Listonic – Free – This app gives you all of the lists that you could ever want. Including a shopping list with a budgeting feature. Keep track of what you are spending as you fill your cart with the price feature of this app. It’s a great option for people who purely track their grocery spneidng and don’t want to mess with tracking other areas.