Why is AFP Different?

We believe people can and should be fearless about their finances whether it’s their household or small business finances. All people no matter the size of your assets, retirement portfolio or amount of debt. People early in life’s financial journey or further down the road. Imagine knowing you are spending less than you earn each month, saving what you need for the future, and feeling a lot less stress about your finances.

Atwood Financial Planning is a Registered Investment Advisor and does not take commissions from anyone and has no affiliations. Our only priority is your financial security. Every Financial Planner at AFP is a fiduciary and will act in your best interest only. We charge clients by the hour and you pay for only the time you are meeting with your planner. You can quit at any time, no strings attached.

We recommend financial products, but have no affiliations with providers. We will usually recommend more than one potential provider to allow you to choose. We can also advise on how to implement your plan with your current service providers.

Who does AFP work with?

AFP work with clients all along life’s financial journey. We work with high schoolers going off to college, recent grads, newlyweds, new families, parents with children going to college, retirement preparation and retired people.

We work with start-ups, small businesses and solo practitioners to build a strong financial foundation with critical cash flow analysis, revenue and pricing models, goal-setting, financing analysis and growth planning. She shows business owners who are not “finance people” how to feel confident about their business and financial decisions.

Where do I start?

The first thing to do whenever you are considering changes in your investment strategy is to identify your goals. Sit down and think about your goals with values investing. Think about the specifics like whether you want to encourage companies in the clean air/water sector or maybe you want to actively discourage companies that do not have diverse Boards. Once you’ve identified your goals, start reading! You can start by checking out our resource list for values investing here. Once you feel ready, you may want to start by diversifying a part of your asset allocation to ESG or values investing before making larger allocations. Consider speaking to a financial advisor to get more information.

What info will I need?

You don’t need much to get started. For your first meeting, we want you to email or place your data in a secure dropbox folder provided by your planner, your last 30 days of transactions in CSV/excel/spreadsheet format. That’s it!

When we meet, know your monthly expenses and how much you are paid after taxes, benefits, and other deductions.

We will tell you at each meeting what we need for the next meeting. Don’t worry about feeling overwhelmed by gathering data.