Fearless Finance Charges
by the Hour ONLY

Our Pricing Commitment to You

  • No long term commitment
  • No charge for preparation 
  • No charge for specific email questions where no analysis is required (at Planner’s judgment)
  • Charge to the quarter hour
  • We do not sell ANY products, but will recommend several options if you need a product
  • We do not have any affiliations with anyone else
  • We do not manage assets
  • We recommend a Check-in meeting every 12 months and a Life Change meeting if your plan should be adjusted due to a life change like a new job, new baby, etc.
  • No obligation for further meetings


  • $260/hour for Initial Plan (typically 2-4 hours over 2-3 meetings)
  • For annual check-ins and meetings to update your plan when you have a life change, you’ll pay $220/hour
  • We charge to the nearest quarter hour, and you don’t pay for prep time
  • Try our online intake for $90 (one-time cost) and potentially save 30-60 minutes of Initial Plan time 

It’s Simple to Get Underway

Fill Out the Form

We’ll reach out to you and coordinate a time that fits into your schedule.

One of our Advisors will be in Touch

One of your financial advisors who specializes in your area of need with get in touch with you.

Jump in and Get on Track

We’ll get to know your situation so we can provide impactful advice from the get-go.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we’re asked about the Fearless Plan. Have a specific question? Schedule a free call today!

How do I choose a Planner at Fearless Finance?

You can take a look at each planner’s profile here at Our Team. See who makes the most sense for you. You can also indicate “no preference” and we will match you as best we can. You can schedule a free intro call to see if it’s the right fit, and you can also always change planners if the chemistry isn’t right. No commitment.

How much access do I get to my advisor and when?

As much as you need. Outside of paid virtual meetings, you can email your Planner whenever a question comes up and if the Planner can answer your questions easily by email, it’s no charge. If your Planner feels, at his/her discretion, the question is too complex, your Planner will ask you if you’d like to meet and give you an estimate of the amount of time you will need e.g. 15 minutes or 1 hour. We typically recommend an annual Check-in to make sure your plan still reflects your goals, but you can meet more often (or less), if you prefer.

How much will a plan be in total?

We don’t know that yet until we start working with you, but typically an Initial Plan takes 2-4 hours spread over 2-3 meetings. Each meeting is about 1-1.25 hours. You are ONLY charged for the time you are actually meeting with your Planner. You are not charged for prep time and you cannot be charged in advance of a meeting. You pay for each meeting after the meeting ends. We can charge to the closest quarter hour.