Life’s firsts

Need more than just a Financial Review.
We’ve got you covered!

If you’re having a life event, want help with your portfolio, or have more complicated questions, simply TOP-UP. We start with the 30 minute financial review and you get more time to discuss the specifics of your life event.

Portfolio Top-up
– 1 hour

Let’s look at your investments, asset allocation, account organization and make sure they are in line with your goals.

I’m getting married
Top-up – 1 hour

Let’s discuss merging accounts, your new cash flow as a couple and combined financial goals.

I want to buy a property Top-up – 1 hour

Let’s discuss how much you need for a down payment, how long it will take to save that much and how much you can handle each month for your housing payment.

I want to reduce student debt Top-up
– 1 hour

Let’s discuss how much you can spare each month for debt paydown, whether it makes sense to focus on student debt or another goal, and whether to consolidate or refinance loans.

We’re having a baby
Top-up – 1 hour

Let’s discuss integrating childcare, saving for college and other child related costs into your cash flow.

College!!! Top-up
– 1-1.5 hours

Let’s discuss preparing to send a child to college and how it affects your cash flow and savings. When to start using 529 savings and how.

Getting Divorced Top – up – 1.5 hours

Let’s discuss your new cash flow and balance sheet after divorce and how much you might need from any divorce related agreements to make sure you’re okay.

It’s a little complicated Top-up – 1 hour

Tell us what you want to discuss.