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Where Can Entrepreneurs Turn When They Need Answers

You listen to interviews with successful entrepreneurs, and they’re assembling products on their bedroom floor one minute and going public the next. What about the blood, sweat and tears in between when you’re developing your business model, refining your pricing, hiring new people, growing your customer base, getting to profitability and scaling your business?

If you’ve been kept up at night about any of these issues, you’re a serious entrepreneur already, and we can help you continue to make your business great.

Are you a candidate for Fearless FoundHer?

  • Got your idea and you know who it serves
  • Maybe have revenues, but not profitable or only barely, or if you don’t pay yourself.
  • Have an idea about pricing, but need help figuring out how that leads to profitability
  • Are not sure if you need financing or how to get it if you do
  • Still do EVERYTHING, but need help knowing how much to delegate without going broke

How Can Fearless FoundHer Help You?

FearlessFoundHer helps you refine your:

  • Idea into the right business model that services your key customer base.
  • Understanding of your business finances, forecasting, and if/when/how to raise funds.
  • Pricing, which is one of the hardest parts of owning a business.
  • Timing/Ability to “quit your day job” and manage household expenses while you grow
  • Current approach to taxes and retirement savings.

Fearless FoundHer supports you on the path between your passion and growing it to a profitable and sustainable business.

Fearless FoundHer is the path between what you want to do and how you get there. Contact us today

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