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What to do if your income is inconsistent

Even if your pay is inconsistent, your “income” to your household does not have to be, if you plan well. Your household should only ever get “pay” that’s been withheld for taxes AND with savings for retirement already taken out. Even gig workers with the lumpiest income can achieve this goal.
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Negotiating Freelance fees

Hate negotiating, but love working for yourself? That’s a tough spot since you have to negotiate your contract terms for each project or gig. Negotiation is a matter of knowing your value, and knowing what your “walkaway” price is. Know when you would walk away from the opportunity because the price is too low.
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Conversation about money

Smoothing uneven income

Having predictable income is the critical for any household. No matter what type of freelancing or gig work you do, you should be able to take a “salary” home each month to your household and thus, be able to plan for the future. You also want to make sure only income that’s NET of taxes and retirement savings hits the household.
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