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Student Loans: Payback plans, Forgiveness, Refinancing

Are you one of the one in seven Americans with student loans? If you are, you may feel confused by the many payback plans, forgiveness opportunities, and option to refinance or consolidate loans. What is best for you now and in the long-run? It can be stressful to think of the analysis you need to do and the knowledge you need to have to make the right choices. We’ve got you covered. Kim Weihbrect, is a Certified Student Loan Professional and she’s here to help you on your student loan journey. Let’s optimize your student loan options:
  • Optimizing your payback options
  • Figuring out if refinancing is right for you
  • Getting on top of private loans
  • Considering and applying for forgiveness
  • Fitting your student loan payment into your Cash Flow
  • Deciding whether to pay loans off early or use savings to pay off loans
  • Fully fiduciary advice, no commitments, no sales, no strings attached

Have another Special Topic?

Maybe you want a fiduciary professional to look at your investments and make sure they are in line with your goals, or help you consolidate your accounts or pay less in fees.

You’re ready to buy and need advice on how much you can afford for the down payment and the monthly payment. Maybe you want help figuring out how to accumulate a down payment.

We can help you plan for how to fund start-up costs, organize your accounts, set a take-home “salary” and make sure you’re saving appropriately for taxes and retirement.


  • $260/hour for Initial Plan for your Special Topic (typically 1-3 hours over 2-3meetings depending on the topic)
  • For annual check-ins and meetings to update your plan when you have a life change, you’ll pay $220/hour
  • We charge to the nearest quarter hour, and you don’t pay for prep time
  • Try our online intake for $90 (one-time cost) and potentially save 30-60 minutes of Initial Plan time (coming soon)

What works for you?

Online Intake (coming soon)
Our data intake includes looking at your last 30 days of transactions, getting your estimates for your monthly spending and understanding your balances in your debt and savings accounts along with other basic questions. You can do all of this on your own time through our platform for $90 and your Planner will see the data you’ve provided, analyze it and be ready for your first meeting. Online intake typically reduces the total amount of initial plan hours by 0.5-1 hour.
In Person Ontake
Not interested in loading your data or inputting your information, no problem. You can work with your Planner for in-person intake. Your Planner will gather the data needed for the initial planning analysis by meeting with you virtually. You provide your last 30 days of transactions in CSV format, and we meet to ask about estimates for spending, balances in your accounts and basic info. Typically, in person intake takes 30-60 minutes of meeting time with your Planner for the initial plan.
Special Topic
Do you have a specific financial goal or topic you need advice on? Maybe you’re trying to optimize paying back student loans or figuring out if you qualify for loan forgiveness. Maybe you inherited some money and you want to know how to best invest it? Maybe you want a portfolio check up? No problem, we can work with you on your Special Topic and hold off on a full plan. See more about Special Topic pricing here.
Work with a group

Join one of our small group planning courses (1-2x/year) to get planner guidance on developing your own financial plan in 5 classes. Interested in learning when the next group opens?
Sign up for the interest list. Or, form a group of your own with friends and start any time by emailing

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we’re asked about the Fearless Plan. Have a specific question? Schedule a free call today!

How do I choose a Planner at Fearless Finance?

You can take a look at each planner’s profile here at Our Team. See who makes the most sense for you. You can also indicate “no preference” and we will match you as best we can. You can schedule a free intro call to see if it’s the right fit, and you can also always change planners if the chemistry isn’t right. No commitment.

How much access do I get to my advisor and when?

As much as you need. Outside of paid virtual meetings, you can email your Planner whenever a question comes up and if the Planner can answer your questions easily by email, it’s no charge. If your Planner feels, at his/her discretion, the question is too complex, your Planner will ask you if you’d like to meet and give you an estimate of the amount of time you will need e.g. 15 minutes or 1 hour. We typically recommend an annual Check-in to make sure your plan still reflects your goals, but you can meet more often (or less), if you prefer.

How much will a plan be in total?

We don’t know that yet until we start working with you, but typically an Initial Plan takes 2-4 hours spread over 2-3 meetings. Each meeting is about 1-1.25 hours. You are ONLY charged for the time you are actually meeting with your Planner. You are not charged for prep time and you cannot be charged in advance of a meeting. You pay for each meeting after the meeting ends. We can charge to the closest quarter hour.