What is Fearless Finance?

Fearless Finance – Financial Peace of Mind…

Fearless Finance is an easy, stress free spending and savings tracking app that helps users have financial peace of mind. The Fearless Finance algorithm helps users set reasonable goals and only track the important categories. No budgets and no graphs to figure out. Just your customers, watching their progress each month.

In about 15 minutes, users get an easy to understand picture of their current finances, and specific tracking goals for spending and saving informed by our financial planning algorithm.

Why is Fearless Finance better than other personal finance apps?
1. Easy, No Budgets! – Fearless Finance helps you monitor just a few things.
2. Blue Points System – only track categories where you might overspend. Why track your cable bill if it’s the same every month?
3. Stop spending BEFORE you go over – watch your progress bar and stop spending before your limit. No more overdrafts and surprise credit card bills.
4. Confidence users have set reasonable targets – the Fearless Finance algorithm confirms savings and spending targets that are realistic and attainable.

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